Publicate Process


Enhance Enrich

The process begins with a client meeting, in which a Publicate account manager will visit the workplace and discuss how to enhance the content of the identified document. Once the core content has been agreed, Publicate’s specially trained graphic designers, interaction designers and programmers get to work in developing an enriched digital document and bespoke document vault.


Manage & Distribute

Once the document is ready to distribute, an administration interface (Document Deck) will be established which enables clients to set up user groups, allocate user profiles, review usage analytics, push updates and retract documents. Publicate Cloud issues all ‘live’ documents to the reader groups personalised vault from which the content rich, interactive documents can be viewed.


Control & Analyse

Post distribution, document curators and administrators can log into the Publicate Control Centre to review reader usage and analyse document statistics created by Publicate House analytics. Administrators can also retract documents, push updates, change users groups or even lock out individuals from having access should they please. Total document control.